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Islay Standing Stones


2009 Year of astronomy

The study of astronomical practices in ancient cultures is known as archeo-astronomy.

Islay has many standing stones and stone circles. Most of the standing stones are in locations that demand a good walk.

At Finlaggan (near Ballygrant) there is a visitors centre that is well worth a visit.

There are is a stone circle at Cultoon (near Portnahaven).

On the other side of the Gearach Forest is Kilchiaran Farm, with its wonderful beach, ruined old church and a standing stone.










Gearach Farm has a signpost to Grimsay ruins and standing stone. As you can see from the slide show there is an enormous quartz deposit to see!

Gearach Forest also has a quartz deposit deep in the the forest tucked away under mosses, willows and trees










Kilchiaran Farm has a standing stone but it is not a favourable walk as many hill bred cattle patrol this area with an eye to folk who stray onto their grazing. Farm owners permission must be sought for your own safety.

The Ordnance Survey map of Islay shows the locations of all the stone circles and standing stones.

Star gazers - A Taste of Heavenly Bliss

Islay has incredibly clear night skies as there is little light pollution. It is possible tosee the Milky Way with the naked eye. A full moon can also mean you miht see a moon bow.

Star gazing is definitely something you should do whilst you are here.

The Gearach at Bruichladdich - Holiday cottage - Self Catering Accommodation

Luxury self catering accommodation on the Isle of Islay, come and stay to enjoy Hebridean island wildlife, birds and malt whisky plus much more

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